All About Socks

Everything you need for sock knitting, including sock knitting patterns, sock knitting needles and moreWelcome to the sock-knitters' playground!

All the sock patterns, yarns and knitting needles a knitter ever dreamed of; all in the one convenient location.  Browse through our huge range of sock yarns; we have one of the biggest sock knitting yarn collections you'll find in Australia.

* Please Note: due to the hardships of regular washing and constant friction from footwear (especially boots), everyday sock yarns usually contain a small component of man-made fibre, usually nylon.  This adds strength and durability to the finished yarn and helps hold the natural fibres together.  For customers seeking pure natural fibre yarns for socks (which are specially spun wool yarns for sock use), these are also available below, and will create socks which are softer and comfier as dress socks, or for a relaxed evening on the couch.