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We've designed and tested the patterns below for you to knit or crochet. These patterns are copyrighted to Knitting Yarns by Mail, but feel free to print them off, share them with your friends and knit them as gifts (not for resale or commercial use). Happy Knitting!

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Image of our finished Grapes on Vine Hot Water Bottle Cover

Grapes On Vine Hot Water Bottle Cover

Treat yourself to this exquisite hot water bottle cover, which will soothe your spirit whilst the water soothes and warms your muscles.

Materials -

  • 3x50g balls 4ply yarn
  • 3.25mm knitting needles

(see below for Grapes on Vine Pattern)

Cast on 68sts.
Row 1: P6, then work 1st row of pattern as set to last 6sts, P6.
Cont working 6 purl sts at either end of odd rows, and 6 knit 6sts at either end on even rows.
Work 3 complete patterns, then 1 through to 14.
Work 2 rows K1, P1 rib.
Next row: rib 3sts, *yfwd, K2tog, rib4*, rep from * to * to last 3sts, rib3.
Cont in rib, until ribbing measures 6cm from holes. Cast off in rib.
Work another piece the same.
Sew sides and base, thread twisted cord through holes.

Abbreviations -
rib: K1, P1
yfwd: yarn forward
MS: (K1, P1, K1) all into next st.
Cr2L: sl1 st onto cable needle at front, P1, K1 from cable needle
Cr2R: sl1 st onto cable needle at back, K1, P1 from cable needle
Cr3L: sl2 sts onto cable needle at front, P1, K2 from cable needle
Cr3R: sl1 st onto cable needle at back, K2, P1 from cable needle
Cr4L: sl2 sts onto cable needle at front, P2, K2 from cable needle
Cr4R: sl2 sts onto cable needle at back, K2, P2 from cable needle

Grapes on Vine Pattern:
Panel of 14sts on reverse st st (st count varies on some rows)
Row 1 (RS): P3, Cr3L, P4, K1, P3.
Rows 2, 4, 16 & 18: K all K sts and P all P sts.
Row 3: P4, Cr4L, P1, Cr2R, P3.
Row 5: P3, K1, P2, Cr4L, P4.
Row 6: K4, P2, K4, MS, K3... 16 sts
Row 7: P2, (K1, P3) twice, Cr3L, P3.
Row 8: K3, P2, K4, MS, P3tog, MS, K2... 18sts.
Row 9: P1, (K1,P3) 3 times, Cr3L, P2.
Row 10: K2, P2, K4, MS, (P3tog, MS) twice, K1... 20sts.
Row 11: (K1, P3) 4 times, K2, P2.
Row 12: K2, P2, K4, P3tog, (MS, P3tog) twice, K1... 18sts.
Row 13: P1, (K1, P3) 3 times, Cr3R, P2.
Row 14: K3, P2, K4, P3tog, P1, P3tog, K2... 14sts.
Row 15: p3, k1, p4, Cr3R, P3.
Row 17: P3, Cr2L, P1, Cr4R, P4.
Row 19: P4, Cr4R, P2, K1, P3.
Row 20: K3, MS, K4, P2, K4... 16sts.
Row 21: P3, Cr3R, (P3, K1) twice, P2.
Row 22: K2, MS, P3tog, MS, K4, P2, K3... 18sts.
Row 23: P2, Cr3R, (P3, K1) 3 times, P1.
Row 24: K1, MS, (P3tog, MS) twice, K4, P2, K2... 20sts.
Row 25: P2, K2, (P3, K1) 4 times.
Row 26: K1, P3tog, (MS, P3tog) twice, K4, P2, K2... 18sts.
Row 27: P2, Cr3L, (P3, K1) 3 times, P1.
Row 28: K2, P3tog, P1, P3tog, K4, P2, K3... 14sts.
Repeat these 28 rows.

Click here for a printable pdf version of this pattern.

© 2018 Knitting Yarns by Mail

Image of our Sunny Days Drink Coaster Set free knitting pattern

Sunny Days Drink Coaster Set

These colourful coasters are the perfect accompaniment to your Summer barbeque, or for a quick and easy kitchen refresh.

Size: approx 10cm square


Using 4mm needles and 1st colour cast on 23 stitches.

Pattern: Moss stitch
*K1, P1 repeat from * to end of row.

Work every row moss stitch until work forms a square.
Cast off.
Use wool needles to darn in ends.
Make 3 more coasters using the other colours.

© 2018 Knitting Yarns by Mail

special offer: get this Patons sock knitting pattern free when you buy Patonyle knitting yarn

Image of our Harris Tweed Tea Cosy knitting pattern

Waffle Tea Cosy

We all love a cuppa so this one is sure to please!  Make one for yourself, or for a gift which will long be remembered, search out a pretty teapot and a selection of fragrant teas - a gift the whole family can enjoy. This project is an easy knit.

small: to fit 2 cup teapot
large: to fit 4 cup teapot


Tension: 22.5sts to 10cm over stocking stitch using 3.75mm needles

Instructions (make 2):

Cast on 44 (52) stitches.
Rows 1 & 2 :  *K2, P2 repeat from * to end.
Row 3 :  Knit
Row 4 : Purl
Row 5 & 6 :  *K2, P2 repeat from * to end.
Row 7 : Purl
Row 8 : Knit
These 8 rows form pattern.
Cont in pattern until work measures 14 (17)cm from beginning.
Cast off.

To make-up:
Join side seams, leaving an opening for handle on one side and spout  on the other.
Gather top edge with a running stitch, draw up and fasten off securely.  Decorate as desired.

© 2018 Knitting Yarns by Mail

Image of our finished Striped Coat Hanger Cover knitting pattern

Striped Padded Coat Hanger in Stocking Stitch

You can never have too many coat hangers, so one or a set of these welcoming hangers in a variety of colourways would make an ideal gift.  Padded hangers are also great for the more delicate items in your wardrobe, allowing your garments to be cushioned gently against the padded top.

Size: to fit standard 38cm wooden coat hanger


  • 1 ball 8ply yarn main colour (MC)
  • 1 ball 8ply yarn contrast colour (C1)
  • 1 ball 8ply yarn 2nd contrast colour (C2)
  • 1 pair 3.75mm needles
  • polyester wadding
  • wooden coat hanger
  • 1 sewing needle

Tension: 23.5sts to 10cm over stocking stitch using 3.75mm needles


Using 3.75mm needles and MC, cast on 32sts.

Work 8 rows stocking stitch.
Change to C1 and work a further 4 rows stocking stitch.
Change to C2 and work 2 rows stocking stitch.
These 14 rows form pattern.
Continue in pattern until work measures length of hanger.
Cast off.

To make-up:  Remove hook from hanger.  Pad hanger generously with wadding. Catch here and there with a stitch or dab of glue to secure.

Fold knitted cover lengthwise over padded hanger.  Sew bottom and side seams.  Replace hook.  Coat hanger may be decorated with a ribbon bow.

© 2018 Knitting Yarns by Mail


Image of our finished crocheted table protector in cotton yarn

Crochet Table Protector in Cotton Yarn

An easy and fun way to protect your  furniture.  Use under vases, hot teapots or items which may otherwise scratch surfaces.

Size: approx 15cm square

1 ball
Heirloom 8ply cotton main colour  (MC)
1 ball Heirloom 8ply cotton contrast colour (CC)
4.5mm crochet hook
Wool needle to neaten ends

Using MC chain 24
Miss 2 chain, dc to end
Chain 2 (turning chain), dc to end
Continue in this manner until work forms a square of approx. 15cm, working last loop of dc in contrast colour.

Using contrast colour work one round of dc, working 3 dc into each corner as you go.

Fasten off securely and neaten ends.

© 2018 Knitting Yarns by Mail

Image of our lace mesh throw knitting pattern with crochet trim

Lace Mesh Throw (with optional Crochet Trims)


Materials: 16 balls Merino Magic 8ply (105m ball)
or 10 balls Damasco mohair 8ply (160m ball)
or 6 balls Heirloom Dazzle 8ply 100gram ball (310m ball)
4.5mm knitting needles
4.5mm crochet hook (for edging)
4mm crochet hook (for flower trims)

Using a pair of 4.5mm knitting needles, cast on 219 stitches.
1st row: k2, *yo, sl1, k2, psso the 2 knit sts; repeat from * to last st, k1.
2nd row: Purl
3rd row: k1, *sl1, k2, psso the 2 knit sts, yo; repeat from * to last 2 sts, k2.
4th row: Purl
These 4 rows form pattern.

Work in pattern until work measures 105cm or length desired.
Cast off.  Press lightly.

Optional crochet edging: using a 4.5mm crochet hook, work 1 row dc. around edge.
Image of the crochet detail on our Mesh Throw with Crochet Trims
Optional flower addition: make desired number of flowers using same colour yarn.
Using 4mm hook make 4 ch. and join with a to form a ring.

8 dc. in ring, to first dc.
*1htr, 1tr, 1htr into next dc. Repeat in next 2 dc*.
Miss 1 dc. Repeat from * to *.
Join with a to top of first htr.
Fasten off.



© 2018 Knitting Yarns by Mail


Image of our baby bunting knitting patternBaby Bunting

a delighful way to use up your stash!


Size: Small Triangles: 12cm.
Large Triangles: 16cm.
You can make as many triangles as you like, but beware, it’s very addictive!

Tension: Project is knitted on needles slightly larger than usually recommended for this yarn.

Using 5mm needles cast on 25 (31) sts.
Knit 1 row.
Next row : Slip 1, K2tog knitwise, knit to end.
Repeat this row until 1 stitch remains.
Fasten off.
Crochet a narrow chain of yarn the length you require and thread through the bunting triangles as pictured.
Alternatively you could use a length of narrow ribbon.

© 2018 Knitting Yarns by Mail

Our Bliss CowlBliss Cowl

as featured in Creative Knitting

This pattern looks fancy and is sure to impress, but is actually easy to make and is suitable even for beginners.


Size : one size fits most - measures 40cm long, 20cm wide approx.

Tension: not critical to project

Abbreviations: yfwd: bring yarn forward (in front of the needle)

Instructions :

Using 6mm needles, cast on 41 stitches.

Row 1: K1, *yfwd, K2tog, repeat from * to end of row.

Row 2: Purl.

These 2 rows form an oblique pattern.

Work in pattern for 80cm, ending with a purl row.

Cast off loosely.

To make up: Using a flat seam, sew together the cast off edge to cast on edge.  Sew in ends.

© 2018 Knitting Yarns by Mail

Our Cosy Toddler HatCosy Cap for Baby or Toddler

Suitable for babies and toddlers up to age 3, this pattern is ideal for keeping your little one's head toasty warm over the Winter months - in style.

Size: two size options to fit baby 6-12 months, toddler 1-3 years

2 balls Heirloom Color Works or Cleckheaton Country 8ply
1 pair 4mm needles
Wool needle for sewing in ends, optional pom pom maker

Pattern: stocking stitch (1 row knit, 1 row purl)


Using 4mm needles, cast on 85 (93) sts.

Knit 3 rows.

Work in pattern 20 (24) rows decreasing 0 (1) st in centre of last row, 85 (92) sts.

Shape crown:

1st row: (K2tog, K5) 12 (13) times, K1.

Work 3 rows pattern without shaping.

Next row: (K2tog, K4) 12 (13) times, K1.

Work 3 rows pattern without shaping.

Next row: (K2tog, K3) 12 (13) times, K1.

Next row: purl

Next row: (K2tog, K2) 12 (13) times, K1.

Next row: purl

Next row: (K2tog, K1) 12 (13) times, K1.

Next row: purl

Next row: K2tog to last stitch, K1.

Next row: purl

Next row: K2tog 6 (7) times, K1 (0).

Next row: purl

Draw up remaining 7 sts and fasten off securely.

Make-up: sew up back seam. Make a pom-pom to attach to top of hat if desired.

© 2018 Knitting Yarns by Mail

Ankara Pure Cashmere Scarf Our Ankara Cashmere Scarf


This open weave scarf requires only 2 balls of Lana Gatto Prestige 100% Cashmere to complete, so you can indulge in the luxury of pure cashmere without breaking the bank.



15cm wide x 130cm long or length desired

wrn - wind yarn around needle to make a stitch.
sl - slip stitch onto needle without knitting it
psso - pass slipped stitch over


Cast on 26 stitches.

Pattern: K1 * M1 (wrn), sl1, K1,  psso * K1

This row forms pattern.

Work in pattern until work measures 130cm or length desired.

Cast off loosely.  Use wool needle to sew in ends.

Click here for a printable pdf of our Ankara scarf.

© 2018 Knitting Yarns by Mail

 Meet the Hooter Family!

Image of the Hooter Family, knitted in pure wool yarn

Knit this adorable father and son set in 8ply pure wool yarns.

Size: Father approx 23cm, Son approx 17cm

1ball Heirloom Easy Care 8ply main colour (MC) (shade 726)
1 ball Heirloom 8ply Merino Magic  C1 ( 226 natural cream)
1 ball Heirloom 8ply Merino Magic C2 (552 fleck)
1 ball Heirloom 8ply Merino Magic C3  (516 pale blue)  for son only
Pair 4mm needles
Black felt for eyes and beak
Wool needle for sewing up
Sewing needle & black thread to sew on eyes

Knit in stocking stitch throughout (1 row knit, 1 row purl).
Using MC and 4mm needles cast on 31 (25) stitches.
Father only:
Knit in stocking stitch until work measures 14cm from beginning.
Son Only:
Knit in stocking stitch stripes: 2 rows main colour, 2 rows C3 until work measures approx 8 cm from the beginning finishing with C3.
Both Sizes:
Change to C1 and continue a further 4cm.
Change to C2 and work 14cm.
Change to MC and work a further Father 14cm (Son: approx.  8cm , in stripes (2 rows C3,  2 rows MC ending with MC, to correspond with stripes at cast on end )
Cast Off.

Cut eye and beak shapes from black felt and stitch carefully in place to form face detail. Use a fifty cent piece as a template for eye shape. Beak is a triangle.
With right sides together sew side and bottom seams leaving sufficient opening to turn owl right side out.. Turn work right side out. Stitch across triangle formed in top corners 2cm on each side. This forms tufts on top of head.
Stuff owl and sew opening closed.

Designers Note:   My owls finished up with a very Panda bearish look because I forgot that the eyes would get further apart when the stuffing went in.. Much laughter was had by all so I decided to leave them as they were. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then and the kids don’t actually know what a real owl looks like anyway. Unless you want to amuse your family I suggest you place the eyes very close together to allow for  stretch.   The upside is I now have a great idea for a Panda  pattern…...Alison

Image of Milly playing with the Hooter Family - Son

© 2018 Knitting Yarns by Mail

The patterns below are available as printable pdfs. Please click on the pattern images to be taken to a pdf containing the instructions


Tarwin Tunic for Mohair Mist
Tarwin Tunic 
for Mohair Mist:

 Click here or on the image thumbnail to view the pattern.

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Pattern for Jazz Scarf
Jazz Scarf