Knitting Kits Australia

Knit It Now - create and make your own garments and accessories with our easy to use knitting kits

Your next project awaits! From homewares including throw rugs, hand-towels and facewashers to accessories such as scarves, cowls and beanies... even blankets and booties for baby.

Natural.  Most kits at these low prices use cheaper man-made fibres such as acrylic; these are nowhere near as cosy nor breathable, don't wash well and aren't sustainable (acrylic is a plastic polymer, the manufacturing of which involves highly toxic substances, and the end result is not readily biodegradable).  We use premium natural fibres in our kits; pure wool, cotton, silk and alpaca, producing results you will treasure for a lifetime.  We don't compromise on quality to bring you affordability.

Simple.  Our exclusive kits make planning your next project a breeze.  Choose shades to suit your home decor, outfit or mood.  With convenience in mind, kits contain extra "bits & bobs" to finish off your project, such as buttons, fastenings & ribbon - no need for an extra trip to the store.  All our pattern instructions are easy to follow, and most kits are easy knits (unless specified).  We want you to achieve outstanding results; so we design and our local team check-knit all our exclusive knitting patterns for your kit.

Aussie.  We value Australian industry; therefore many of our kits use Australian Made yarns (look out for the logo).  All our kits are assembled by us in our Gippsland warehouse, and our pattern leaflets are printed by us on-site.

Learning.  Our Beginners Kits are great for starting out.  Adults and children just learning the craft can gather their first 'tools of the trade', with patterns & needles ideal for learning.  They're a handy gift for anyone embarking on their crafting journey!

**Please note: unless specified, kits do not contain knitting needles, wool needles or crochet hooks.**

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