Malabrigo Lace Wrap in 2 Sizes KKA2007

Soft and luxurious pure merino meets watercolour colourways, perfectly complementing the delicate lacy pattern of this stunning shawl.  The open weave and light weight will keep you comfortable on cool Summer nights or throughout Autumn or Spring days. 

The delicate elegance of your finished piece is perfect for special outings.  Style this versatile accessory as a wrap with a shawl pin or brooch fastening (as pictured below), neck scarf or head scarf, the choice is yours.  The beautiful drape of this garment is just waiting for your personal touch.

With instructions for 2 size options, you can craft your wrap in a length to suit your personality; luxuriously long for greater flexibility and styling options, or modestly comfortable.

Finished size:

Regular (approx 45cm x 170cm)
Luxuriously long: approx 45 x 235cm (as pictured)

Your Lace Wrap Kit contains:

  • Malabrigo Sock or Malabrigo Mechita finest quality pure superwash merino wool, in your choice of shade: 2 skeins for regular length, 3 skeins for luxuriously long length
  • a copy of our exclusive Malabrigo Lace Wrap in 2 sizes pattern leaflet

You will also need a pair of 4.5mm needles and wool needle to sew in ends (not included).

Need an elegant shawl pin to accessorise your Lace Wrap?  You can find them here.

image of wrap in malabrigo knitting yarnClick on the main image to view an enlargement of the exquisite finished garment.  Note: our model is wearing Malabrigo Lace Wrap in luxuriously long length, Malabrigo Sock Shade Light of Love .

Wrap worn as a headscarf in Malabrigo knitting yarn Wrap worn as a scarf

Regular Length Shade: Mechita English Rose
Long Length Shade: Mechita English Rose
Kit: Regular (170cm) Length Light of Love
Kit: Long (235cm) Length Light of Love
Kit: Regular (170cm) Length Archangel
Kit: Long (235cm) Length Archangel
Kit: Regular (170cm) Length Aniversario
Kit: Long (235cm) Length Aniversario
Kit: Regular (170cm) Length Arco Iris
Kit: Long (235cm) Length Arco Iris