Homewares - Handmade Home Patons 358

7 Patterns to Crochet and 2 Patterns to Knit for a Beautiful Home, Handmade With Love.

Patterns Include:

  1. Cushion & Throw in 2 Sizes (75x115cm or 180x210cm) for 8ply yarn (Intermediate Crochet)
  2. Chair Cushion Cover (45x45cm) in 8ply yarn (Intermediate Crochet)
  3. Dream Catcher in 4ply cotton (Easy Crochet)
  4. Place Mat & Mug Cover in 4ply cotton (Easy Crochet)
  5. Diamond Motif Kimono in 8ply cotton (Intermediate Crochet)
  6. Chevron Stripe Throw in 8ply cotton (Intermediate Crochet)
  7. Pram Blanket in 8ply cotton (Easy Crochet)
  8. Striped Throw in 8ply cotton (Easy Knit)
  9. Mitred Square Cushion Cover in 8ply yarn (Easy Knit)

Image of the knit and crochet patterns inside Handmade Home, Patons Book 358

Handmade Home Patons Book 358