Country Family Book 2002 8ply

Custom knits for everybody in Cleckheaton Country 8ply and Country Naturals 8ply yarn.


Designs include multiple options to customise your hand knits:

  • Vests for the Whole Family
  • Child's Vest - Easy Knit. In 5 sizes to fit children aged 2-10. Requires 3-6 balls Country 8ply or Country Naturals.
  • Large Adult's Vest - Easy Knit.  In sizes 20 (to fit chest 105cm) to 30 (130cm chest).  Requires 9-11 balls for short length, 10-12 balls for mid length or 10-13 balls long length.
  • Sweaters for the Whole Family
  • Child's Sweater - Intermediate Knit.  For children 2-10, requires 6-10 balls.
  • Large Adults Sweater - Intermediate Knit.  In sizes 20 (105cm chest) to 30 (130cm chest). Requires 15-19 balls for Short Length and Women's Sleeves, 14-21 for Mid Length and Men's Sleeves and 18-23 balls for Long Length and Men's Sleeves.
  • Hooded Jacket for the family
  • Garter Stitch Striped Scarf in 3 sizes for Child, Woman or Man
  • Family Beanies

Cleckheaton Country Family