Welcome to Knitting Kits Australia!

Welcome to Knitting Kits Australia!

Image of our exclusive Cotton Textured Throw kitRegular visitors to our site may have noticed a new category on our website called  "Knitting Kits Australia".  So what's it all about?

Over the years, we've designed literally hundreds of knitting patterns as free giveaways and bonus offers for our customers - it's something we love to do, and we love to share it with you!

Whenever we give away a free pattern, we get inundated with calls from customers interested in crafting the pattern - some just wanting to check that they're looking at the same shade as our sample, others interested in finding the same buttons, ribbons or accessories we've used on our sample.  It suddenly struck us - the whole process would be so much easier for you if we simply provided you with all the accessories you're going to need to complete your project, all in the one place! 

We know how difficult it can be to get to the store to source all these bits and bobs, particularly for customers in remote or regional areas.  It's just so frustrating to have your project fully knitted, but to be unable to wear it or use it for weeks just for the lack of a few buttons or a tie to complete it. 

For this reason, we've focused on creating kits which need a little something extra; be it a ribbon, button or other oddment.  Whilst most of the kits you'll see are our own exclusive designs, we've put together a few kits based on the yarns and shades used by the manufacturer for their featured patterns, as these are by far the most popular shades in which to work these patterns.  We also offer out kits in several other specially selected shades we feel are particularly suited to the garment or accessory you're crafting.  We want your knitting experience to be as trouble-free as possible, with an end result you feel proud of.

We hope the innovation of Knitting Kits Australia helps take the frustration and hassle out of your next project, and you enjoy the kits we have created so far (more coming soon).  If you have any ideas for great kits please let us know, we're always on the lookout for new projects to inspire you.


You can view our expanding range of knitting kits by clicking on Knitting Kits Australia in the left-hand menu of our website.