Mothers Day - Gifts from the Heart

Gifts from the Heart - toddler holding out a dandelion

Kids have a crazy way of touching our hearts, even with the smallest gestures.


Ever been the lucky recipient of a gift from a school Mothers Day Stall?  The kids head off to school, small change in hand and heads stuffed with instructions such as, "get something for Mummy, but don’t forget the Grandmas.  Try get something the same price to show they're equally special".  And of course they get to the stall and see tables laden with everything from stickers to huge "what on earth am I gonna do with that?!!" monstrosities (I mean, delights)… and all instructions fly out the window. 


Prep year, my daughter bought me a huge amphora style vase, valiantly trying to hide it on the walk home without breaking it.


The following year (and in keeping with the large-scale concept), I received a huge canvas for my kitchen wall.  By huge, I mean two seven-year-old arms can barely stretch around it to carry it home (but, "no Mum, you can't help, it's a surprise and you can't see!"). Alas that year, the stall procured one grandma just a tiny love heart chocolate and the other nothing at all, "because the lady said I didn't have enough money left".  Her face crumpled when she realized the problem; I kindly suggested she give my canvas to Grandma instead, as it “would look beautiful in her house” (and perhaps not so good in our tiny kitchen!).


Despite their impractical nature, each year I'm eager to see what this year's Mother's Day Stall has in store for me.  These gifts give me an insight into who I am - in my daughter's eyes.  I'm fascinated by the choices she makes for me from such a vast array of potential gifts, and the thought process she puts into each choice - even if they come from quite a different place from adult thinking. 


Last year, my gift was much smaller, yet so very heartfelt.  I'd just taken up drawing, and was in the process of trying out numerous types of pens and pencils.  I was almost brought to tears when I unwrapped a tablet stylus that doubled as a pen, because "I know you love drawing and you love your iPad, so this will help you draw on your iPad!".  It’s moments like these I most feel her love; her gratitude for the sacrifices I make to get her to all her after-school activities, her appreciation of the times I spend just listening to her and offering support when things are tough; for caring for her when she's feeling sick or down, and for the shared experiences of all the little things in our lives together.  She was aware of what was important to me in my life, then wrapped it up into one neat little package.  It touched my heart, and opened my eyes to how important I am to her.


Although perhaps I’m reading too much into it.  The lid for my precious stylus features a shiny pink pig’s bottom, complete with springy tail.


Possibly an extra message for me as well?!!

Article by Sharon Prentice

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