Just Pin It - Pincushion in Merino Magic Highlights (free knitting pattern)

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Just Pin It: free knitting pattern for our merino magic highlights pincushion

This bright, funky pincushion in new Merino Magic Highlights will lift your heart and brighten your day every time you sit down to sew.

1 ball Heirloom Merino Magic Main Colour (Natural)
1 ball Heirloom Merino Magic Highlights Contrast 1 (Hot Pink)
1 ball Heirloom Merino Magic Highlights Contrast 2 (Lime)
1 pair 3.25mm needles
Wool needle

Using 3.25mm needles and Main Colour (MC) cast on 20 stitches.
1st row:  (MC) knit
2nd row: purl
Repeat these 2 rows twice more (6 rows in all).

Change to CC1 (Merino Magic Highlights Hot Pink)
Rows 7 & 8: Knit

Repeat rows 1 to 6 once.
Next row : change to CC2 (Highlights Lime):  Knit to end.
Next row : Knit

These 16 rows form pattern.
Continue in pattern until work measures  approx 13cm ending with a 6th row.

Instructions : Back
Using MC, cast on 20 stitches.
Work in stocking stitch for approx 13cm (to match length of front).
Cast off.

Make up:
With right sides together join seams leaving a small opening for turning. Turn right side out and stuff firmly. Slip stitch remainder of seam.
Make a tassel and attach to one corner.


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