Free Pattern - Crocheted Christmas Bauble

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Crocheted Christmas Tree Bauble


Crochet hook  3.5mm
1 ball Heirloom 8 ply cotton (makes 6-7 baubles)
Stitch marker
Wool needle


ch – chain
sl st — slip stitch
htr – half-treble crochet
htr2tog – half-treble crochet two together (half-treble decrease)
dc – double crochet
st – stitch

1. Make 5 ch and join with a sl st to make a foundation ring.
2. Into the ring, ch 2, then 6 dc.  [equivalent to 7DC]
Place stitch marker to mark end of round .
3. Make 2 htr in each of these 7 DC. (14 sts)
4. *Make 2 htr in the next st, htr in the next st* 7 times. (21 sts)
5. *Make 2 htr in the next st, htr in the next 2 sts* 7 times. (28 sts)
6. Htr in each stitch. (28sts)
7. Htr in each stitch. (28sts)
8. Htr in each stitch. (28sts)
9. Htr in each stitch. (28sts)
10. *Htr2tog, htr in the next 2 sts* 7 times. (21sts)
11. *Htr2tog, htr in the next st* 7 times. (14sts)
12. Start stuffing in the ball and continue adding stuffing during the next few rounds.
13. Htr2tog 7 times.  (7sts)
14. Htr2tog 3 times. (4 sts)  Remove the stitch marker.

Make up:
Fasten off, leaving a long tail of yarn. Use wool needle and the tail of yarn to close the hole at the top of the bauble and make hanging loop.


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