Indulgent Day Spa Pamper Kit KKA1725

Make every day a pamper day with our luxurious Day Spa Pamper kit.  The perfect addition to your morning routine, or pack it in your gym bag for post-workout indulgence.

Our Indulgent Day Spa Pamper Kit contains nothing but pure, Australian Made cotton; and our exclusive pattern collection is designed and printed by us right here in Australia. Relax and rest easy in the knowledge your purchase is a 100% natural product, and is supporting industry in Australia.

The Pamper Kit includes the yarn and instructions to complete a Facewasher, Hand Towel and Head Wrap, all with matching gingham patterning. 

Your Indulgent Day Spa Pamper Kit contains:

  • sufficient Heirloom pure cotton 8ply yarn to complete the full Day Spa Pack set of 3 items
  • a copy of our exclusive Indulgent Day Spa Pamper collection pattern leaflet

You will also need a pair of 3.25mm knitting needles to complete the project (not included).


Finished Measurements:

Face Washer: 28cm x 30cm approx

Hand Towel: 35cm x 50cm approx

Head Wrap: 45cm x 72cm approx

* Note: this knitting kit contains the yarn and instructions to create your own Day Spa Pamper pack. This is not a finished product.

* Note: We've chosen a variety of shades here, but if you'd prefer a different shade, select "Custom Shade" below, then call or email us your shade selection from our Heirloom 8ply Pure Cotton range.

day spa knitting kit with knitting pattern for head wrap, hand towel and face washerOur Indulgent Day Spa Pamper Kit for knitting Pattern Detail from our spa pack

Day Spa Pamper Kit White
Day Spa Pamper Kit Ecru
Day Spa Pamper Kit Watermelon
Day Spa Pamper Kit Pale Pink
Day Spa Pamper Kit Glacier
Day Spa Pamper Kit Pale Green
Day Spa Pamper Kit Pale Blue
Kit: Custom Shade