Inca Family and Homewares Patons Book 1309

15 designs in Patons Inca, including a huge cable bed throw and easy to wear blanket cape.  This pattern book explores the idea of oversize cables, large scale shapes and generous proportions to show off the beauty of simple knitted chunky textures.


Patterns include (from top left):

  1. Cabled Cushion Cover and Bedspread in 2 sizes (Intermediate)
  2. Cushion Cover (easy)
  3. Knitted Pouffe in 2 sizes (Intermediate)
  4. House Boots in 4 sizes: child 4-6 (2 balls), child 8-10 (3), woman (5) and man (6 balls) (Easy)
  5. Ear Flap Hat in 4 sizes (2-4 balls) (Intermediate)
  6. Cabled Loop Scarf (Intermediate)
  7. Child's Jumper in 2 Styles and 5 Sizes (ages 2-10 years): 4-7 balls (Easy)
  8. Woman's Jumper in sizes XS (70cm chest) to XL (110cm chest) (Easy)
  9. Sweater Dress in sizes XS to XL (Easy)
  10. Gauntlets in 2 sizes for Child or Woman (Intermediate)
  11. Blanket Cape (Easy)
  12. Scarf and Beanie in 4 sizes for child 4-6, 8-10, woman and man (Beginner)
  13. Check Throw & Cushion Cover (Easy)
  14. Lamp Shade Cover (Intermediate)
  15. Man's Jumper in sizes XS (85cm chest) to XL (125cm chest) (Easy)

Patons Inca Family and Homewares knitting pattern book 1309, cushions, throws, jumpers, scarf, pouffe, lampshade, cape and more for men, women and children ages 4-10

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