Heart and Home: Australian Yarn Company Book 371

Create a cosy slice of paradise at home, with 12 designs to knit and crochet.

These patterns are designed for yarns including 8ply and 12ply wool, Patons Jet and Patons Inca.

The cover features the Cosy Cabin Blanket in Country 8ply (see #7 below).

Patterns include:

  1. Griddle Blanket and Cushion in 8ply - Easy Knit - 16 balls MC, 5 balls CC (blanket), 4 balls MC, 2 balls CC (cushion)
  2. Terrace Throw in Patons Jet - Intermediate Crochet - 18 balls MC, 15 balls CC on 5.5mm crochet hook
  3. Tranquil Floor Cushion in 12ply wool - Easy Knit - 7 balls in each of 3 shades
  4. Garden  of Dreams Throw - Intermediate Crochet - Merino Magic 8ply 6 balls MC, 4 balls CC1 & CC2, and 2 balls in each of 9 additional CC
  5. Tidal Throw in Patons Inca - Intermediate Knit - 23 balls
  6. Pet Lounge in 8ply -  Easy Crochet - 2 balls in each of 2 shades, 1 ball in each of 2 additional shades
  7. (as pictured on Cover) Cosy Cabin Blanket in Cleckheaton Country 8ply - Easy Knit - 26 balls MC, 7 balls CC1, 2 balls each of 4 additional contrast shades, 1 ball each of 4 additional contrast shades.
  8. Retreat Blanket in chunky yarn
  9. Homeward Bound Blanket in 8ply - Intermediate Crochet - 10 balls MC, 5 balls CC1, 4 balls CC2, 3 balls each of 2 additional contrast shades, 2 balls each of 2 additional contrast shades
  10. Rumpus Cushion in chunky yarn
  11. Courtyard Throw in 8ply - Intermediate Crochet - 3 balls MC (white), 1 ball in each of 8 additional contrast shades
  12. Retro Blooms Cushion Set in 8ply - 9-10 balls in various shades for each colourway

* About Australian Yarn Company: Australian Yarn Company includes some of Australia's most popular brands; Patons, Heirloom, Cleckheaton, Panda and Shepherd.  Their publications feature patterns suitable for a range of these yarns, giving customers a wealth of inspiration to choose from.

Patterns inside Heart and Home - Australian Yarn Company Pattern Book 371

Ped Bed crochet pattern inside Heart and Home knitting pattern book Inca Throw rug knitting pattern inside Heart and Home knitting pattern book Patons Heirloom Cleckheaton

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